About me

I’m an entrepreneur, advisor to startups and technology consultant. My professional background is in disruptive technology but my passion extends well into other subjects, including behavioural science, biology, history, philosophy, consciousness and modern physics. I’m on a constant lookout for convergence in these subjects and for how they may help in our personal and collective endeavors.

About this website

We tend to look at technology through a spectrum of our personal lives and businesses. How do new apps and gadgets optimize our time or affect our social life? How can this technology improve processes, products, branding and ultimate profit or loss, or how does it affect the financial cycles of the industry as a whole. Important as they may be, these changes are in fact consequences of deeper underlying driving forces behind today’s transformation.

In order to understand these forces, we must dive deeper, to recognize their development phases, the expansion of “spectrum of possibilities” they bring, their amazing synergy and market entry triggers. We must understand the foundational shift these changes provoke on our very social fabric and organizational structures and, as a consequence, in our personal lives, business, politics and society as a whole.

Just as important, such a transformation calls for an keen self-reflection and reappraisal of ourselves. What is the mindset and skillsets required to flourish in such an environment? How do they differ from what has been commonly done thus far and what are our challenges in making the adjustment? How do we hone in these powerful forces we are releasing and use them for our benefit and, hopefully, to the benefit of the planet? This website hopes to answer these questions.

As such, we’ll cover a large spectrum of subjects, which orbit nevertheless around the three key driving principles featured in the home page:

  • The transformative forces – Understanding the trends and forces that are transforming our world and igniting the need for readaptation 
  • Expanding human potential – Identifying the tools and skills to reach our full potential and thrive in a world of accelerating change
  • Intimations of a new world – Analyzing the most promising breakthroughs beginning to flourish in this highly permissive ecosystem

Thanks for joining, and let’s get started!